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Here at we offer the finest ladies in the entertainment business available for outcall not incall service direct to your door anywhere in the New York NYC tri-state area. We have an exotic entertainer available for you for any occasion no matter what style, taste or preference you may have. When you think about what it is you are looking for in a companion, you surely want to consider the traits that you would like your ideal woman to have. Putting aside the fact that she must of course be gorgeous and something that might be considered out of your league, what other traits really get you motivated and excited to have an experience that you will remember for a lifetime? Thats what you get to experience with our escort service.

We cover the entire tri state area of NYC for outcall service. We do not offer incall service at all. You select your provider from our service, we do not offer a location for you to do this. We are never more than a few minutes away from your location. We have many, many girls on call and enough to reach you no matter where you are located. The areas we regularly service include the following areas …

  • Brooklyn all areas of Brooklyn including; Park Slope, Williamsburg, Bushwick, Prospect Park, Prospect Heights, Flatbush, Greenpoint, Lefferts Gardens, Bedford Stuyvesant, Canarsie, Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, Coney Island, Bay Ridge, Fort Green, Downtown, Midwood, Sheepshead Bay, Bensonhurst, Sunset Park, Gravesend, Dyker Heights, Brooklyn Heights, Caroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, DUMBO, Fort Hamilton, Downtown Brooklyn, Atlantic Center, Crown Heights and more
  • Queens escorts all areas of Queens including; Astoria, Flushing, Bayside, Long Island City, Maspeth, Jamaica, Ozone Park, Howard Beach, Rockaway, Neponsit, Jackson Heights, Forest Hills, Corona, Queens Village, Middle Village, Woodside, Kew Gardens, Ridgewood, JFK & LaGuardia airports and more
  • Manhattan escorts all areas of Manhattan; Uptown, upper east, upper west, Midtown, east and west, Times Square, Hells Kitchen, Murry Hill, Chelsea, Gramercy Park, Downtown, Greenwich Village, SOHO, NOHO, Nolita, Chinatown, LES, Tribeca, Meatpacking District, West Village, East Village, Financial District, Battery Park, Washington Heights, Spanish Harlem, Little Italy, Wall Street, Diamond District, Garment District
  • The Bronx Fordham, Yankee stadium, Cambridge, Webster Ave, Castle Hill, Pelham Parkway, SOBO, South Bronx, Country club, Riverdale and more
  • Staten Island Todt Hill, Hylan, Great Kills, Tottenville, Bay st, Park Hill, Grymes Hill, Hugenot, Annadale, Grymes Hill, Park Hill, Arrochar,  Arden Heights, Bay Terrace, Bulls Head, and more
  • New Jersey Hoboken, Jersey City, Hackensack, Fort Lee, Weehawken, Bergenfield, Garfield, River Edge, Bayonne, North Bergen, Alpine, Ramsey, Secaucus, West New York, Edison and more
  • Long Island Nassau and Suffolk counties; Hempstead, Elmont, Huntington, Long Beach, Valley Stream, Floral Park etc
  • Westchester County Scarsdale, White Plains, Peekskill, Yonkers. Mount Vernon and more
  • Rockland County
  • Connecticut

Meet An Escort Now

In order for us to find you an ideal match, we first determine what it is you are looking for physically in a companion. To say beautiful or gorgeous is not enough. Since beauty is subjective and in the eyes of the beholder, it is also important to note that we serve an international clientele and the concept of what is beautiful is vastly different among those cultures. You may have a taste for women that are very slim while here in New York and to native New Yorkers, that is a body type that is rarely requested. You many come from an area of the world where the women are more darker skinned and hence prefer someone of darker skin tone. Or you may want a woman of fair skin tone and light eyes. Perhaps you have a taste for petite women of 100lbs or less. Maybe its the opposite of that and you prefer a large woman that is tall, busty and curvy with a full figure. Again, peoples taste in women is very different and for those reasons its important to have an idea of your perfect match. Her height, weight, measurements, skin color, hair color, eye color and as much information as possible in order for us to find the perfect match for you. Our out call girls we meet you in minutes.

In some cases its completely natural for our clients to simply request that next available escort that is closest to your location. And that’s fine. Most folks don’t want to get tied up in figures and numbers and weights and measurements of ladies but want to experience some of the local flavor with a lady that is down to earth, experienced, knowledgeable of the area and tons of fun. A free spirit that is non judgemental and open to meeting new people and having new experiences. This makes the best request for us because we have plenty of ladies that fit into this category.

While we can match a client up with any request they may have, it always makes for a better experience when the client is open minded and open to new experiences. This is the reason you are contacting us and this is the service you are paying for, an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. If you were to keep doing what you’re doing and staying with what you are comfortable and used to it makes it harder for us to give you the experience that you really need. Allow yourself to be open to the possibility that not only are our women gorgeous but they will show you the time of your life, and for that all you need to do is call us and give us an idea of the type of woman, where you are located and let us handle the rest when you call girls, escorts, companions, guides and providers from our agency.

A Large Selection Of Escorts

The providers you can choose from are all featured on our site. Their profiles, photos, measurements, reviews, stats, bios and availability are all accessible from the gallery. On any given day or night you can chose from plenty of ladies that are usually no more than 20 minutes away from you. If you’re staying in a really popular area such as Times Square, Midtown, The Village, SOHO, Chinatown or more you might be surprised that the escort from our service is in the very same building as you. Yes, its happened before and happens often. Manhattan is such a small island that the hottest spots in the city are also the most densely populated by both tourists and residents. Its what makes the big apple such an appealing tourist destination. If you’re staying in any area, and especially the tourist areas, you can easily eat, sleep and party without having to go more than a block or 2. Sometimes you won’t have to leave your hotel. These days many of the hottest bars and clubs are in the best hotels and the nightlife, shows and other entertainment are never more than a short walk or cheap cab ride away.

The paid companions you will meet from our service will surely have you remember your time in NYC for a long time to come. Not only will you remember her unique beauty and personality but you will remember the experience she was able to show you while she spent her time with you. Our guides are very experienced with all that NYC has to offer and that includes the bars and clubs, shows and entertainment as well as the areas of the city that are known around the world. Mention any of these areas to anyone from anywhere around the world and they are familiar with it or have plans in the future to visit them such as; Little Italy, Chinatown, Korea Town, Midtown, The meatpacking district, The garment district, the diamond district, Nolita, Hells Kitchen and the list goes on and on.

Our New York escort service girls frequent all these areas both in the personal and professional lives so they have an inside scoop to all that is happening in these areas. Want an insider tour? The best pizza, the best felafel, the best strip club, the best night club and on and on. These ladies are like walking zaggat guides with an exotic twist. The know where to go, when to go and when you get there not only will make you look like a million bucks because you are with the best looking person in the crowd but they know how to have fun. Ensuring that you are the focus of her attention you will enjoy the feeling of what its like to have a woman that you wouldn’t normally be seen with or spend time with, treating you like a king, a superstar or a rock star. The experience with any of our companions is priceless and you will want to chase that feeling each and every time you find yourself alone or in the need of some company.

Why Choose An Escort Service

There is no better way to improve your confidence and self esteem than to spend some time with any of our ladies. After you are done basking in the glow and excitement that the most beautiful lady has arrived to spend time with you, and take notice of what is around you you will notice something very interesting. The first thing you will notice is the level of attention and respect you get from everyone in your immediate environment. It is very difficult for us to describe but you will notice doors opening, people approaching you and women flirting with you. Something about having a gorgeous woman on your arms that draws people in to you like moths to a flame. People are magnetically attracted to men that are in the presence of a good looking girl.

No one will ever expect that you hired a female escort from our service, but they will want to know how it is that you got so lucky. Once you realize this and savor the moment you will begin to notice that you will change on the inside. You will begin to act and feel like a man that is always surrounded by beautiful girls. This has the effect that it begins to fulfill your daily life and actions so that you are more confident and self assured. The result of this is more opportunity and more doors open for you in ways that you only thought happened to the lucky. You will begin to experience that there is no such thing as luck and only a frame of mind that draws opportunities to you, and that secret is the result of spending time with a New York city escort from our agency.

Whats most interesting when hiring a escort from an escort agency you will find that these ladies truly love men. They love to go out on dates and meet new men from all over the world. Yes they are with you because you called our service and made a reservation with the girl but she is there and she is enjoying herself just as much if not more than you are. Sure they have plenty of opportunities and men that are pursuing them all the time but its when there is an element of no strings attached that allow these ladies to truly be themselves. This is the premier reason dating an escort is superior to dating a non paid companion. In a non paid companion situation much of the limited time you spend with a lady is her on “auto programming”. That’s the programming that shuts off the real her and puts on a facade of getting to know each other, which never goes anywhere. While you are exchanging facts and figures and giving and exchanging resumes there is no fun that is happening.

While you waste precious time with the typical talk you are boring her and yourself and losing out on opportunity to enjoy yourself. With an escort you go right into the fun. She doesn’t need to know how many brother and sisters you have or who you want to win the world series or next election. That talk you can have with anyone and everyone and get nowhere. These ladies presuppose all that, and assume you are the man of their dreams and that you feel the same about her. Once this is presupposed you guys can have judge free fun that everyone truly craves for when meeting someone new. Our female companions are masters at cutting through the small talk and just living in the moment. Many are experienced strippers, erotic entertainers, exotic dancers, massage providers and expert at role play and other adult entertainment. It is a feeling that you will never experience without the services of a professional companion.

Escorts For Any Occasion

The providers and companions from our service are experienced and available for a wide range of occasions and event. Some of the most requested events that our ladies are procured for include..

Bachelor Parties – This goes without saying. It is the most requested occasion that our agency is contracted for. A bachelor party is the ultimate event in which an escort is ideal. This is a time for the best man to show the groom the night of his life and give him a last taste of being single. The guests of the bachelor party are all participants in this event and its important that they also get a feel for the good life. A group of escort are perfect for a bachelor party. Allow them to put on a show, flirt with the guests, dance, entertain and make the guys feel like guys.

Divorce Parties – Most folks see divorce as a bad thing but we don’t see it that way. It would be bad for a couple to continue being married despite their animosity towards each other. The divorce should be a time of celebration of ones freedom and choice to do what is right and not what others think is right. We feel that the longer a divorcee has been married and ties to someone they despise the bigger the celebration should be. Not only is a party in order but to flirt and mingle with beautiful girls is exactly what a man needs once he gets out of his marriage. Its good for the health and well being. Take the time to enjoy yourself and forget about the past and enjoy your new future as a new man that is a ladies magnet.

Dates, Guides, Companions– Another famous request when a man is new to town and doesn’t have company to spend a night on the town. There is no better way to enjoy the area than with a gorgeous escort on your side. Everything tastes, looks and feels better in the company of a pretty girl. Enjoy your night on the town, taking in the sights and seeing what our great city has to offer. Take part in the local action anywhere in the tri state area including the 5 boroughs Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx and Staten Island. Each area has alot to offer and have their own unique flavor. Experience the whole NY by spending time in all the boroughs and all the neighborhoods. Our service services all these areas and are never more than a few minutes away from you.

Couples Experience – This is a big request as well. It is no secret that as a couple it takes some creativity to keep the excitement alive. There are many ways to accomplish this from the more timid to more extreme. For those are excited by the idea of having another female entertain your mate and escort is perfect for that. Most couples want to experience something new, but without the stigma and hassles of going the traditional route of dating, dating sites or meeting people out and about. There are too many variables that can jeopardize a relationship which would be counterproductive to what you are trying to accomplish. If you’re out to add a little spice to your relationship by introducing another female into the mix, the last thing you want to do is add variable that can take you off your goal.

An escort is perfect in these scenarios because there is no strings attached. The companion is paid to be there and knows how to work off the dynamic the couples are setting and work with that to make a unique experience. The risk of bringing in a non professional to the dynamics of a couple just looking for something different are too many to consider. With a paid companion you can be at ease knowing that there is no commitment, no judgement and no promises. Just straight up fun and excitement by having her in your presence. This is by far one of the most logical times to use the services of an escort.

New In Town – Welcome to New York and thanks for choosing our city as your home. Now that you’re here have you made any friends? do you know where to go or what to do? have you made any connections with party promoters or door people? where do you start? These are all questions im sure you have asked yourself with you first got settled. Perhaps you started reaching out to grow your social circle but haven’t yet broke into the right one. Our ladies are connected to everything that is happening in the city. The know the parties, the hot spots and the places to be. This is the perfect jump start to your social life as you must start somewhere. Meet the right people and you will never be alone. Meet the wrong people and your social life will be as exciting as a wet paper bag. Our ladies are perfect for you to start your roots here and hit the ground running.

Naturally we could go on and on and find a gazillion of reasons why our providers are perfect for you and for your time here in New York, but we only listed some of the more popular reasons. Everyone is different and I’m sure that at least one of the reasons we list above has crossed your mind. If it has, then you owe it to yourself to call us, if it hasn’t you owe it to yourself to call us. In fact we can’t come up with any reason to not call our service. Everyone loves the company of a fun, gorgeous person. That’s a fact. And that fact only means there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t call.

Well, maybe a few… If you are below the age of 18, if you have a history of violence or hatred towards women or their lifestyle, if you do not have a location to entertain or destination in mind and of course if you can’t afford it. These are the only reason we can think of for you not to hire an erotic entertainer from our agency. Other than that, give us a call.

If you have never used the services of an escort agency rest assured we understand and can walk you through the process so that its as easy as possible. While many men choose other forms of entertainment, very few offer the unique experience that an escort can provide and that is interactivity. Most forms of entertainment are passive in that you sit and watch. There are some forms of interactive entertainment but they are not 2 way as it is with a companion.

With a companion you are talking to, sharing and exchanging and enjoying your time the way you want to without all the hassles and headaches of other things like dating or personal sites. The biggest factor that make those things inferior is the cost factor involved in meeting someone new. It’s a given that you will be paying for your new friend by the way of cabs, dinner, movie, drinks etc etc and your companion will be paying with her time, makeup, clothes, perfume, shoes etc etc and unless she is compensated for her time many women are simply not motivated to meet someone new. We take that out of the equation because a paid companion has all the motivation she needs to spend that time primping and getting ready to look and be her best. You are the man and you are in charge.

This is ideal and the perfect form of entertainment in existence. Everything else that exists in entertainment such as strip clubs, porn, bars, shows etc etc are all fluff looking to replace the real value; a one on one connection with someone fun and interesting. This is the reason our service and ones like it exist. To serve the basic human need of interaction. We are social creatures and need interaction to live a sane, healthy life. Our service goes above and beyond just as a provider of female companions, we fill a need that many people are in desperate need of these days.

Largest Selection In New York

We have a large selection of escort girls from all over the world. Our ladies come from far and wide to work for our agency because of our reputation and our commitment to excellence. They realize that since we cater to a wide and diverse clientele that we have a home here for gorgeous ladies no matter what part of the world they are originally from. What this means to you is that if you have a preference for a lady from your native county we can accommodate you. Not only are the culturally diverse, but they are physically diverse. Our ladies are beautiful and there are so many to choose from and so many shapes sizes and looks that we can match even the most pickiest and selective folks.

Here is a list of some of the most requested types and nationalities of the escort girls in our agency. These list is just a sample and does not include everyone, but merely the most requested and readily available…

  • American
  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Irish
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Portugese
  • Norweigan
  • Swedish
  • Albanian
  • Austrian
  • Swiss
  • Romanian
  • Belizian
  • Cuban
  • Dominican
  • Puerto Rican
  • Canadian
  • Mexican
  • Columbian
  • Argentinian
  • Brazailian
  • Greek
  • Cambodian
  • Philipian
  • Australian
  • Slovakian
  • Hungarian
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Haitian
  • Jamaican
  • Equatorian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • and much much more

The types of ladies you might be into and their physical attributes include…

  • Tall
  • Short
  • Petite
  • BBW
  • Large
  • Curvy
  • Full Figured
  • Thin
  • Skinny
  • Busty
  • Apple Bottomed
  • Big Booty
  • MILF
  • Divorcees
  • College Coeds
  • Blondes
  • Brunettes
  • Red Heads
  • Couples
  • and many many more…

Escort Service To Your Door

Our agency offers what is called outcall or out call service in New York. Which means that our ladies go to your location. It is a delivery service direct to your door. When you call you must have a location or destination in which to deliver our out call girls to you. You need to provide us an address for us to send the lady to you. This could be any venue, hotel, residence or motel in the tri state New York area that we provide service to. For security and safety reason we will ask for a list of the venues you plan to visit as this help us ensure that our ladies are accounted for. Additionally we can arrange for transport to and from the locations to ease the burden on you and ensure that you can focus on your lady and she can focus on you. This is perfect because the last thing you want to spend your time doing is figuring out where to go and how to get there and we do that for you with our NY escort service.

We realize that many of you have never had an experience with an escort in New York city or maybe the services of an escort agency in NY but rest assured we have the experience and expertise to make your booking go easy, quick and ensure that you get what you are looking for without any surprises or additional fees. Your first call to our agency will go smoothly and efficiently as our booking specialists are experienced in determining your needs and the best way to meet them. We do not provide a location for you or a location to select any of our companions. Our girls are dispatched from many areas around New York City. They do not have a central location. You can choose the girls from the gallery on this website and see theirs bios, profiles, photos and everything you need to make an informed choice.

Once you have completed your reservation and have met with your companion you will look back on your 1st experience with a sense of pride and relief. Relief in knowing that you now have one company that you can rely on 24 hours per day 365 days per year when you need some company or someone to accompany you to any event and for any occasion. You will keep our phone number on lock and will call us often. That’s how confident we are that you will want to continue using our service to meet some of the finest exotic providers.

Another benefit of some of our providers is that you will get a lady on demand. You get to meet a girl, when you want on your time, for as little or as long as you want. You get to pick the location or have her come to your place as a guide, while you sit back care free and await her arrival. Stay home, go out, paint the town red or lay around in your PJs it doesn’t matter. Once you’ve had enough, you simply say “you can go now” and she is gone. No need to stop what your doing or get involved with seeing her off or checking to make sure she got home. No fear of being rude or turning her off because you just want to lay down and be done with her. Drama, hassle and headache free. Shes there when you want and gone when you want.

There is no better arrangement than one like this. Usually if you have a lady over as a guest you have to tend to her wants and wishes and see to it that she gets home ok. You have to be graceful in ended the date and be sure to do it gently if she hasn’t asked you to take her home. Either way having a guest is a big pain in the butt. Our service work on demand. You call use, we send a girl, you tell her to leave she goes. She is not looking for you to do anything by the book as she is there for you and to make you feel good. Not the other way around.

Today dating is such a waste of time and money. People spend their precious time and money getting to know each other so that hopefully that can later do things they enjoy like dancing and traveling and sharing moments that are truly rare. They dont connect because they spend their time screening and interviewing and trying to impress each other. The reason that doesn’t work is because that programming doesn’t allow a women or man to reveal their true selves so date after date goes by and you really never get to know the person well enough to open up and be yourself and enjoy the moment. Instead you’re trying to impress and engaging in interview like meetings that no one likes. Not even the girls. Sure they might get a meal and drinks for free but they’re not even comfortable with that. A girl holds back her appetite and drinking as a way to impress you and to avoid being judged. An escort never has to worry about any of that. She is her true real self, suspending all judgments and formalities and focused on only 1 thing, making you happy and feeling good. Making you feel like a king and man to be worshiped and adored.

Open 24/7

Our escort service never closes. We are open through every holiday, event, weekends and every minute of the day because we know that people need people and sometimes that doesn’t happen on the clock. A guy breaks up with his girlfriend in the afternoon and in the middle of the night needs someone to talk to. Another guy comes into town, on the late flight and by the time he checks in and gets settled needs someone to hang with. A date cancels at the last minute and all his friends are already busy but hes got a function to attend and needs to bring someone. A couple had a few drinks and talks about meeting a girl, but its late and they’re not dressed to go out. Its situations like these that we are here for you. You can call us anytime day or night and someone is available to meet with you. Its that simple. Our escort service in NY is on call to come to you 24 hour per day. Granted the line up changes and the selection is different throughout the day but there is always a large selection of exotic entertainers to accompany you.

Accepting Cash & Credit Cards

For your convenience we take cash and credit cards as payment for our models. A cash payment is to your escort when she arrives at your location. Please be discreet and respect her time and have her payment ready the moment she arrives and introductions are made. This way you can enjoy your time without anything holding her back or standing in the way. It is policy that she collects her payment on arrival. She is very busy and if payment is not made promptly she will have to cancel and conclude your reservation. There will be a few for her transport and time to get to you and she will move on to other appointments if payment is not made promptly.

If you intend to use a credit card be advised that our billing is very discreet. The charge on your card will appear from NYES New York for the total amount. it is required that you get a pre approval and authorization to use a credit cards to book a paid companion. Additionally a valid government ID matching the card holder, and a physical swipe of the card is required as well. You will also be given a delivery receipt in which to sign in addition to your credit card signature. The process is more involved than using cash and please allow time for this when you plan.

Book An Escort Now

Where ever you are and what ever you are into we have an escort for you. Our service is ready to take your booking and send a lady to your door. She will arrive shortly after you hang up the phone with our agency. We don’t need an advanced reservation or membership to join to see any of our erotic ladies. Just 1 simple phone call to our agency and your lady will be on her way. She is never more than a few minutes to your door and she is always looking to meet with you right away. Our operators are standing by waiting for your call. The next step is up to you. if you’re not ready now but have questions we are here for that too. Let the phone girl know what your plans are in New York and allow her to do the rest. She will offer suggestions and more to make your stay here one to remember. We want you to be happy with the services of our agency while you’re in New York.

If you were searching online for escorts or an escort service these sites do not give a definition of what we offer. We do not offer sexual service or sex for favors. We are a legal escort agency offering escorts. Our ladies are not call girls and are not sex workers.