Romantic Date Ideas With New York City Escorts

Whether it’s a night on the town in NYC or even a first date with any of our escorts, going out on a romantic date is one way to show your escort girl from our agency just how much fun and excitement you can have with them.

If you have meant to take someone out in the most expensive city in the US – New York City, and you are wondering if there are actually cheap yet romantic ideas, you don’t need to wonder anymore.

I have put together some not so expensive romantic date ideas that will endear you to your female escort that you met by using the services of our escort service without having to break the bank!

From lovely parks to bars and night clubs, sit back, read and make your choice on where to take your escort for that romantic date.

Stroll the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is perhaps the most romantic place in New York! If you are going out on your first date with your escort, this will be the ideal place. What makes it stand out is its rich history and architecture, making it the perfect place to begin (for first timers) or continue your experience.

You could stop under the towers to read historical information about the bridge, or you could even be more persuasive to your escort by spouting the Brooklyn Bridge Memorabilia.

Penthouse Executive Club

The Penthouse Executive Club amazingly refined and also caters to bonus-laden financial kinds with a well-padded expense account. Although the club offers fantastic discounts, such as packages for groups of five to 10 people ($350-$750) and complimentary admission with ticket stubs from same-day sporting events. So many sought-after veteran entertainers of the city’s mega-club scenes also perform here on the stage at the center. There’s also a two single occupancy go-go podium for additional pole dancers upstairs. A Jackson is all you need – If your bonus has not arrived yet, not to worry.

The UCB Theatre

What is a date with an escort without fun? If you want your date to have a good laugh, you should be thinking of visiting the Upright Citizens Bridge. Amy Poehler is a member of the UCB theatre, which is a sure bet for a good laugh when you visit their Chelsea or East Village location. Want to take it a step further? Faze your date with your sense of humor by signing up for a comedy class. Believe me; they’d love you!

Prospect Park

A visit to Prospect Park in Brooklyn will give you all you need for a romantic date. You can stroll around hand-in-hand, underneath a historic bridge (isn’t the thought of it lovely!), play a game or two of tennis, go horseback riding or even have a picnic to thrill your escort. There is also the prospect of visiting the Prospect Park Zoo to feel nature. If you are visiting in winter, you could also go ice skating. It promises to be an unforgettable date that your escort will surely remember!

Mehanata Bulgarian Bar

If you want your date to be more of the night drinking, dancing and seductive, then consider a visit to the Mehanata. Don’t forget to try out the Ice Cage – it allows you to dress in an old Soviet military overcoat. Fancy drinking? You can get down to some vodka shots from a glass made of ice! Be sure not to drive yourself home after taking some shots of vodka – just a friendly advice!

Play Detective

Want to invoke your inner Sherlock Holmes? You and your escort can play locked-room games, where you both will have to solve a tricky, interactive logic puzzle. Escape Entertainment has locations in New York City. They have the Escape the Room in Philly, Boston, Houston, and Manhattan. Learn how to handle pressure in your marriage (if you eventually tie the knot), as you and your date work together to unravel clues and solve different mental and physical tasks. It promises to be fun!

Harlem Bar

Chill vibe, customer service, and selection- the Harlem bar is ideal if you want to go to a really special place and avoid the crowds at other downtown wine bars. The winery usually provides for the wine loving couple looking for exclusive, artisanal wine collections from around the world. You can pick a spot for you and your date and treat yourselves to a great wine experience during one of their wine tastings.

Staten Island Ferry

If you are going out on your first date with any of our escorts , going to Staten Island and back on a ferry will give you the opportunity to chat with her casually and get to know her. You will feel the salty smell of the sea get the better of your rich perfume. If you are riding at night, ou’ll see the Statue of Liberty lit up beautifully, with an incredible view of Manhattan from below along the way. A boat ride with your escort? There is nothing more romantic, interesting and fun than that.

Rockefeller Center

This is perhaps the perfect destination for romance in New York City – how often do we say that, right? The Rockefeller Center has an iconic skating rink for a hand-in-hand trip around the ice. There also you can grab a cup of coffee with your partner before getting a feel of the New York scenery at the outdoor café.


If you are ever in a need for more ideas on what you can do with any of the escorts from our New York city escort service, be sure to contact us and we will give you some more ideas. Our female escorts are open minded and very familiar with many areas of NYC that they can also recommend some things for you to do while you spend time together.


Cheap Escort Date Ideas in New York City

There are lots of exciting places in New York City where there is free atmosphere to catch some fun with any of our female escorts. We are going to be exploring some of those parts in NYC that are full of cheap trips and events to make your date with any of our escorts more interesting.

  1. Take the free ferry to Staten Island: The distance of 8 km and 25 minutes on the ferry from Staten Island is free and offers perhaps the best views of New York Harbor. Annually, 20 million people make this trip, and enjoy views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Manhattan skyline … or just bury your head in the newspaper, after a long day of work.
  2. Take a free ferry to Brooklyn: New York is not only Manhattan. IKEA ferries leave from Pier 11 Wall Street, to the IKEA located in the neighborhood of Red Hook in Brooklyn. The service is free on weekends and weekdays, the trip costs $5 each way. But if you present a receipt of IKEA for $ 10, then you will have free trip back to Manhattan. Or if you present your ferry ticket at IKEA, you will get discount $5 on any purchase of $10 or more (something easy to get, with some meatballs, canned fish or mini chocolates). The ferry runs from 2:00 pm on weekdays and from 11 am on weekends.
  3. Explore the Summer-Stage: Every summer, Summer-Stage presents more than 100 free shows in 18 parks throughout the five neighborhoods of New York City. Everything from theater, dance, live music and poetry are offered.
  4. Kent Theatre: If the glitzy bars on the roofs of the buildings are not your thing, you could add to your list Kent Theater, at 170 Coney Island. In one of the last theaters “old school” in Brooklyn, the floors are famous for being sticky and probably will not want to go to the bathroom, but the movie tickets do not exceed six dollars and there is something authentic in their environment, or maybe it’s just dust.
  5. Stroll along the Brooklyn Bridge: Another way to enjoy the wonderful views of Manhattan, is to walk along the Brooklyn Bridge. There is traffic- exclusive pedestrian road, but if you’re wearing high heels, beware of the small gaps between the boards and do not forget your camera!
  6. The New York International Fringe Festival: Every year in August, the New York International Fringe Festival offers a variety of presentations in different places and city streets. It Includes: from dance and theater to poetry readings and comedy nights. Tickets for each event cost less than $ 20 and sell out fast.

There are some other places where you can enjoy your date with any of the ladies from our escort service that we don’t mention here, however, you can always check on our other posts for updates.

5 Places You Can Go For An Escort Date In New York

New York is the most populous city in the northeastern United States, and it is an epicenter of fine dining, shopping, and arts. With our NYC escorts there is so much to do and places that you can visit such as the galleries, restaurants with exquisite cuisines, and the people with their cultures. When you are visiting New York with your escort, there are particular areas that you should visit so as to make your New York experience more romantic. Some of the areas that are best for date ideas with escorts from our service include:

1. The Empire State Building– this is one of the famous and most visited places in New York since it was opened up in 1931. It is a 381m tall, 102-storey building with a mooring mast for airships. There are two points at the top of the building, one being on the 86th floor, which is 1050 feet above the ground while the other is on the 102 floor. Both points can be accessed by fast moving elevators and have a glass enclosed area which is heated or cooled depending on the weather.

While at these points you can see up to a distance of about 80 miles and get to see the neighboring states such as Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. There are usually long lines each day, so it is better you buy the Empire State Building ticket observatory and optional skip the line ticket which will let you bypass the lines and can be used all year long.

2. The Statue of Liberty– this was built in 1886, and it was a gift from France to America. It’s one of the world’s greatest icons that symbolize freedom. The statue is the world’s largest standing at 152 feet tall from the base of the torch, and it weights about 450,000 pounds. To get to the statue, you will take a short boat ride on the Liberty park and while on it, you can use the New York harbor and lower Manhattan. You will need a ticket to go inside the statue, and it is best to purchase early enough especially in high season. From the statue, you can take a ferry to Ellis Island.

3. Fifth Avenue- if you love shopping, then this is the place to be. The Fifth Avenue has a reputation for being a premier shopping area. It has many top end designer shops such as Bergdorf-Goodman, Cartier, Saks and many others. If you don’t want to shop you can walk along the Fifth Avenue as you look around.

4. Central Park– this is a huge park with so much attraction that you can see and also be involved in a few activities as a couple. One of the places is the central park zoo where you can watch the California sea lions balance balls andcatch fish through a glass walled enclosure. At the lake, you can go for paddling during summer or skating in winter.

5. The Saint Austere– this is a restaurant where you can enjoy different specimens of oysters for a dollar on Monday to Saturday from 6-8pm. Either of you can get an out during the happy hour if a Better tinder match comes up.

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