5 Places You Can Go For An Escort Date In New York

New York is the most populous city in the northeastern United States, and it is an epicenter of fine dining, shopping, and arts. With our NYC escorts there is so much to do and places that you can visit such as the galleries, restaurants with exquisite cuisines, and the people with their cultures. When you are visiting New York with your escort, there are particular areas that you should visit so as to make your New York experience more romantic. Some of the areas that are best for date ideas with escorts from our service include:

1. The Empire State Building– this is one of the famous and most visited places in New York since it was opened up in 1931. It is a 381m tall, 102-storey building with a mooring mast for airships. There are two points at the top of the building, one being on the 86th floor, which is 1050 feet above the ground while the other is on the 102 floor. Both points can be accessed by fast moving elevators and have a glass enclosed area which is heated or cooled depending on the weather.

While at these points you can see up to a distance of about 80 miles and get to see the neighboring states such as Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. There are usually long lines each day, so it is better you buy the Empire State Building ticket observatory and optional skip the line ticket which will let you bypass the lines and can be used all year long.

2. The Statue of Liberty– this was built in 1886, and it was a gift from France to America. It’s one of the world’s greatest icons that symbolize freedom. The statue is the world’s largest standing at 152 feet tall from the base of the torch, and it weights about 450,000 pounds. To get to the statue, you will take a short boat ride on the Liberty park and while on it, you can use the New York harbor and lower Manhattan. You will need a ticket to go inside the statue, and it is best to purchase early enough especially in high season. From the statue, you can take a ferry to Ellis Island.

3. Fifth Avenue- if you love shopping, then this is the place to be. The Fifth Avenue has a reputation for being a premier shopping area. It has many top end designer shops such as Bergdorf-Goodman, Cartier, Saks and many others. If you don’t want to shop you can walk along the Fifth Avenue as you look around.

4. Central Park– this is a huge park with so much attraction that you can see and also be involved in a few activities as a couple. One of the places is the central park zoo where you can watch the California sea lions balance balls andcatch fish through a glass walled enclosure. At the lake, you can go for paddling during summer or skating in winter.

5. The Saint Austere– this is a restaurant where you can enjoy different specimens of oysters for a dollar on Monday to Saturday from 6-8pm. Either of you can get an out during the happy hour if a Better tinder match comes up.

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